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Walking around with your eyes closed

Metropolis M. Review by Kaylie Kist

Blindfolded in Amstelpark, Kaylie Kist joins one of the walks curated this autumn by Zone2Source as part of their exhibition and public programme Mind Your Step. A sense of vulnerability opens up as she and other participants are trying to navigate through the park. Auditory and tactile senses are intensified, allowing for alternative ways of responding to eco-political challenges to emerge.


Cayetano Molina and Pérez prove themselves to be a perfect match: Pérez starts off by compelling other participants and me to hear through our feet, touch with our mind and sense through our fingers, and Cayetano Molina consequently transforms these sensory experiences using a wearable device that she’s developed. The information she captures (physical and sensory data, such as location, movement, sonic and thermal mapping) is downloaded from the device and re-connected to the park’s spatial lay-out through digital mapping.