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CITY IN BODY: Part II. Atmospheres (body as a sensor)

( 2020 )

Atmospheres (body as a sensor) is a project of curated walks that aims to explore the indivisible relation between body and landscape through the concept of “atmosphere”. Atmospheres are felt, they constitute experiences that require a spatial setting, human bodies, exterior events, shared meanings and histories. This concept enables us to overcome the polarity between subject and object, body and environment: we are immersed in atmospheres, always affected by them.

We explore the spatial atmospheres of Amstelpark and its surroundings, using the body as an instrument to sense the environment and trigger an embodied and affective experience of the park. These experiences are silently registered with the help of a portable device that can record myriads of parameters that are spatially linked to the park and added to a responsive map on view in het Glazen Huis. This cartography is shown as an ongoing visualization of possible atmospheres in Amstelpark; it will evolve thanks to the active participation of the audience in the walks.



FOTOS  Ilya Rabinovich / Manuel Jované

The project is part of Mind Your Step group exhibition at Zone2Source, an exhibition about walking and knowing in which artists and other thinkers/makers are invited to develop interactive walks that set off mobility as a means of understanding the world.