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 ( 2015 )

-breves- is an audiovisual project that investigates language and collective consciousness and analyses the etymology, meaning, connotations and current use of certain words that are part of the usual vocabulary but whose original meaning was transformed by misuse and/or are, in turn, fundamental in the consolidation of a common ethic.

– breves – was screened at Centro Cultural de España-Casa del Soldado in Panama City, Panama, along June, 2015.

IDEA AND CREATION Alesandro Galipolli and Sonia Pérez

WITH Alesandro Galipolli, Aris Rodriguez, Bruno Ow Young, Corina Elsa Rueda, Diana Mellado, Manuel Jované, Mariapía Pilolli, Mariela Aragón, Maritza Zambrano, Montserrat Valeiras and Sonia Pérez

VIDEO Martín Contreras 

PRODUCTION Centro Cultural de España-Casa del Soldado; Amadores Guerreros

SUPPORTED BY Experimental Group of the University Cinema (GECU)