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I pivot between performing arts and project management.

The essence of my research and work is to play with the spontaneous and creative basis of the environment around me.

I am in search of a body that is willing and sensitive to internal and external stimuli – the creation of stories and encounters with beauty in our everyday lives, the passage of time, silence, and outbursts.

I am interested in revolution through the body, movement, words and space. In this way, I base my work on an emotional, psychological and physical investigation, and on it’s dependence on space, time and the people with whom it co-inhabits.

Through spontaneity, the artistic experience intersects with project management.

I design, manage and facilitate projects that link performance art, the environment and community.

I have collaborated with the United Nations, the Olympic Games and the Impact Hub Network, having lived in Holland, Indonesia, Japan and Panama (the birthplace of my artistic discovery).